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Repair Questions

Is there a discount for multiple repairs on the same device?

Yes. While doing any repair we charge for labor and parts separately. If your device needs more than one type of repair we will only charge you for the additional parts used and will not add any labor fees if there is minor additional work to be done in order to complete the additional repairs.

Why are there no repair prices listed on your website?

Our price per repair is made of the cost of labor and the cost of part(s). While we try our best to provide you with as much information as possible on our website so that you can make a good decision about what to do next with your device, we can not list our “bottom line” repair prices because the cost of parts fluctuates fairly often. That means that if the cost of parts goes up, we need to charge more, but, if the cost of part goes down, you pay less. We do this so that you can always get the best price available in the market at any given time.

I've tried to fix my device myself and have it semi unassembled. Can I have you finish the repair?

Absolutely, we do that for our clients all the time. Sometimes we are even able to discount the labor if it saves us from working extra.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

Yes. We offer limited 90-day warranty on all of our OEM Grade parts for phone and tablet repairs, 7 days for all of our Premium Value parts, and up to 90 days on all computer repairs (depending on the type of the repair).
See the full details here: Warranty

What is the difference between your OEM Grade parts and the Premium Value parts?

Our OEM Grade (OG) parts are the highest quality parts available in the market and are made to the same OEM specifications of the original manufacturer.  OG parts will not only provide the best final result for your repair but, due to their high quality, we are able to back them up with a limited 90-day warranty.
Our Premium Value (PV) parts are aftermarket parts that look, feel, and function the same way as our OG parts. However, they are of lower build quality, therefore their warranty length is short.

Can you repair my device using my own supplied parts?

Yes. We will gladly help you, and only charge you for the work that was done.
Keep in mind that when we are not using our parts to perform the repair you lose out on our warranty since we cannot be sure of the quality of the part that you supplied. Hence, we can only guarantee that we will not damage your device while repairing it, and not the parts used.

What kind of devices can you repair?

While we specialize in repairs for all mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Mac, PC and more. We can repair almost any electronic device. If it has a plug and/or runs on batteries, we can probably help.

I am not sure whats wrong with my device, can you help me?

Yes, we can. At times we can even provide assistance over the phone or email, but it is usually best that you come and visit us at our store so that we can thoroughly examine your device.

Is there a charge? No, we will only charge if we can actually fix the device at an estimated cost of repair which will be given once we can take a look at it. There is a minimum charge for liquid damaged devices that will get subtracted from the total cost of the needed repair.

I would like to fix my device myself, do you sell parts and/or tools?

No, we are sorry to say that we will not sell parts or tools because we can not control how someone outside of our staff will use them.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my device in for a repair?

No appointment is needed. Simply stop by during our hours of operation and we will be happy to assist you with any repair needed.

How long will it take to repair my device?

While some repairs can be tedious and time-consuming to complete, most repairs can be completed the same day.
Most iPhone and popular Samsung and LG models repairs are usually done within the hour. iPad repairs are usually done within a couple of hours. PC/MAC and other device models repairs will depend on parts availability. 9 out of 10 times if the part is available in-store, the repair will be completed on the same day.

Sales Questions

How long does it take to get a custom case made?

A custom case will take about 5 business days to get in. We work with a Chicago-based company using the highest quality printing so you can expect a vibrant, polished case that accurately represents your original image.

I'm looking for an item that you currently do not have in stock, how soon can you get it?

Outside of our special order items we also restock our inventory on a weekly basis. If we do not have the item you need in stock it could take up to a week before it arrives, but can also take as low as 1-2 business days. If there is a need to get it faster, the option is always there, but it is usually not cost effective as the rates for overnight shipping could easily be as high as $30.

Is there any warranty on accessories?

Some of our products include a manufacturer warranty (Otterbox, Spigen, etc.). For the ones that don’t, we provide a 30-day warranty.

Do I need to keep my receipt? You have the option of providing us with your information prior to completing the transaction so that we have your purchase history on file. Otherwise, much like anywhere else, we require a proof of purchase and keeping your receipt is always a good idea.

Does this mean that if the item breaks or malfunctions you will replace it? If it is due to a defect, absolutely yes. However, much like any other item you purchase, if it was broken as a result of misuse or accidental damage, we will not replace it. Instead, we will provide you a substantial discount when purchasing an alternative item to replace the broken one. We understand that accidents do happen and we appreciate you for choosing us as your mobile accessories source.

Will you price match?

Yes. We will gladly beat any quote from a repair store that is offering the exact repair with the same quality parts, warranty and turn around time (official quote will be needed).
We will also price match any in-store accessory. But, because there are some places that sell counterfeit products, we will only price match well known and respected establishments or stores that we can know for a fact sell an original item.

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