Loyalty Rewards

At Campus Mobile Solutions we believe that returning customers deserve more. We also understand accidents can happen more than once, and that we should do our best to help you save when possible. That is why we started our loyalty rewards program.

Our loyalty rewards program will give you up to $20 OFF your next repair and up to 20% OFF any in-store item.

Who qualifies?
All of our returning customers do.  After visiting our store and repairing or purchasing any item you will automatically become eligible for our loyalty rewards.

How to claim it?
While we are usually pretty good at remembering all of our clients, as a part of being human, we can also forget.  So, make sure that you mention to us that you have visited our store before and tell us what you’ve purchased or repaired (in some cases an original receipt might be needed as proof of your previous purchase), and if you qualify, we will discount your current purchase or repair.

Do any restrictions apply?
Yes, while we would love to help you save on any and everything, we cannot always afford to do so. So, we added the following restrictions:

  • Next repair discount only applies if the repair is to be done on a device that has previously been repaired by us.
  • Some items, such as prepaid wireless services (bill pay or activation) can not be discounted.
  • Discounts are not valid with any other offers.

Changes to our rewards
We may revise our loyalty rewards from time to time. You should check regularly for updates on these policies. Any changes to our rewards will be posted here and will become effective immediately upon being posted.